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License pricing

We offer two kind of licenses; PRO or LITE.

(See the differences here)
The high prices on the startpacks is to cover both the first license (value 2300 lindens for PRO and 1300 lindens for LITE, and support for as long as GroupTools exists).

The licenses are registered at our office, please follow this SLURL

[ PRO Licenses ]

Start pack: L$4500
+1 license: L$2300
+5 licenses: L$9200
+10 licenses: L$18000
+20 licenses: L$35500
Unlimited L$75000

[ LITE Licenses ]

Start pack: L$2500
+1 license: L$1300
+5 licenses: L$5200
+10 licenses: L$10400
+20 licenses: L$20300
Unlimited L$43000


Account creation: L$50
Online fee: L$0.02/minute
You will only be charged for the time your bot is online.

When you create the account, all 50 lindens will immediately become available on your account for usage. 

PRO and LITE license holders will automatically receive an account with 5 hours worth of online time/license. 

There is no limitation to how many bots you can use with the hosted services.

All bots running in the hosted services will have the same functionality as a PRO license.