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Step 3.4 - Settings -> Greet Settings

Your bot can be used to automatically greet avatars coming in to your store, venue etc.
Enable this setting to make your bot greet any new avatars when they come in range of the bot.

Greet anyone within (meters):

This value determines when the bot greet an avatar.
The value can be set from 0 to 20 meters.

The bot is using regular chat, which can only be seen in local chat if the bot is maximum 20 meters away from the avatar.


Enter the message you want the bot to greet the avatar with.
There are a few code variables reserved to personalise your message to the greeted avatar.

The message "Hello {disp_name}, welcome to {parcel}!" will greet the avatar with it's display name and the name of the parcel where the bot is standing. (ex. "Hello Mark, welcome to Pooley!").

The reserved codes that you can use is:

{first_name} - First name in legacy username, eg. "Mark"
{name} - Full legacy username, eg "Mark Resident"
{disp_name} - The display name of the avatar, eg. "Mark Johnson"
{sim} - The name of the sim
{parcel_name} - The name of the parcel

If you are missing a reserved code, please let us know.
We will add more upon request if we think they are useful to others as well. 

Invite to Invite Request Group:

If you enable this feature, the bot will send a group invitation to the Invite Request Group to the greeted avatar. 

Forget greeted avatars after minutes:

Change the value of this setting to make your bot forget it greeted the avatar after X minutes.
This is particularly useful if you want to make sure the avatar is greeted periodically or when the avatar comes back to for examle your store or venue.
If set to 0, the bot will never forget it has greeted the avatar, thus making sure the avatar will only be greeted once, ever!

The IM Command "Cleargreet" can be used to clear the bots memory of greeted avatars.