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Step 3.2 - Settings -> Command Settings

Accept Friendships From:

The bot can automatically accept or reject friendship requests.
If this is set to "Masters & Operators", your bot will ONLY accept friendships from it's master and members of the Operators Group.
If set to "Everyone", the bot will accept the friendship from anyone who sends a friendship request.

Object key:

The Object Key is used as a password when you want your bot to communicate with inworld objects, such as the GroupTools HUD, the HCLV addon script, or any other scripted object you have created for yout bot.

Enable the feature and enter an Object Key.
You can find an example in the FAQ section, under How to -> "How do I make scripted objects communicate with my bot?"

Invite Request Group:

Do you want your bot to invite avatars to a group by request?
If you enable this feature, any avatar can send the message "invite" as an IM to your bot, and the bot will automatically send an invitation to the group you have set here, with the group title you want them to have.

To use this feature, enable it, enter the name of the group you wish the bot to send an invitation for, and the name of the title you wish to use.
When finnished, click the "Set" button.

Please note the following:
* The bot MUST be a member of this group.
* The bot MUST be allowed to invite to the group and the role that has this title.
* The title must be a valid title.

Please also note the difference between role name and title.
You may have the role "Everyone" with the tag "My groupie" and the role "Officers" with the tag "My managers".

Do NOT enter the role name, enter the title or tag of the group (same text as will appear over the avatars head when activating the group).