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Step 3.1 - Settings -> Main Settings


The setings in the hosted Control Center are the same as in the client installed version.
Click "Bot Settings" to get to the settings panel. 

Main Settings: 

Login Location:

The Login Location is used to determine where your bot will rezz when it logs in.

Enter the sim name and the X, Y, Z coordinates. For example, to rezz your bot in the exact middle of the sim "Pooley", enter the following coordinates:
Simname: Pooley
X: 128 , Y: 128 , Z: 20 You can also tell the bot to log in at it's last known location, or it's home point, by entering @home or @last in the field for simname.

If you are using @home och @last, do not enter any X, Y, Z coordinates. If you leave the Login Location empty, the bot will log in at it's home point.

When you have entered a location, click the button "Add location".
To use the location for your bot, select the location from the dropdown box and click the button "Use location". 

Operators group:

The operators group is used if you want others to be able to use your bot. 

Create a group, for example "My Bot Operators Group" and invite your bot to it.
Enter the name of your Operators Group in the field.

If the group name starts with a non-alphanumeric character (such as #¤%& or space etc), you can use the UUID key of the group instead. Any avatar that is member of this group will be able to use your bot.

Best practise is to have the group set to non open enrollment so that no unwanted people can gain access to your bot.
If you want to use your bot to advertise in groups, and you don't want the bot to spam your operators group, you can check the box for "Exclude this group from messages".
The bot will then exclude the operators group from advertisements. 

AutoSit on prim:

If you want the bot to sit on something immediately after it has logged in, please use this feature.

Get the UUID key of the object you want the bot to sit on and add it to this field.
If the bot for some reason are unseated, the bot can sit again as soon as it is in the same region as the object.
To use this feature, check the box for "Sit again if unseated".