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Screen shot Step 3 - The Bot Manager - Add a bot


botmanager add bot


The Bot Manager is where you add/remove your bots from the system, change settings for your bot and log the bot in. 

Remove Bot

Clicking this button will remove the bot selected in the dropdown box above the button. 

Bot Settings

Change settings for your bot. 

Start Bot

Select a bot from the dropdown box above and click Start Bot to make the bot login to Second Life. 

To add a bot:

Scroll down to the bottom.
The master name is allready added for you, you only need to enter the full name of the avatar you wish to use as your bot, and the password for the avatar. 

Bot name:

The name of the avatar you wish to use as a bot.
Please make sure to denote the first and last name with a period.
For example "Steller.Sunshine" or "MyBot.Resident".


The password you selected for he avatar you want to use as a bot.
We can NEVER help you with this password.
Please go to the SecondLife website to reset the password.