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Step 3.8 - Settings -> RolePlay Settings

Your bot can be used in different roleplay scenarios.
This feature is still under development, and thus is can more or less onlybe used as a stationary "NPC".
We are working on extending this feature to make your bot roam aswell.

Please note, if you have enabled the IM reply under IM Settings, it will be disabled when enabling the RolePlay feature!

RolePlay enabled:

Enabled or disables the RolePlay feature.

Enable reply method:

Enables replies for the Roleplay feature.

Reply with same phrase every time:

This works very much like the IM Reply feature.
Enable this, and create your message by entering a message name and message body. 

Reply with random phrase:

When this setting is enabled, your bot will randomly choose one of the reply phrases you have saved. 

Reply with 'AI':

Enabling this feature will make your bot more human like.
Your bot will use an Artificial Intelligence engine called "Alice".
It will have the brain capacity of a child and will learn to build new sentances every time it sees a new message.

Answer chat from:

Local chat - The bot will only interact with messages seen in local chat.
IM - The bot will only interact with messages seen in it's IMs.
Both - The bot will interact with messages from both IMs and Local Chat.