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Contact support:

If you have problems or have a question you need to ask, please use this button. The contact support button can be found in both Control Center and the Client window, but the client window has the option to attach error messages, screenshots or settings file as well which could help us investigate your problem.

This is considered the primary way of getting support. Your questions will get loged in our ticket system and a receipt will be sent to your email address. You can respond if needed both directly to the email you receive from us, or log in to the website using the credentials shown in the email, where you can follow your support case.

Please be ware that your email provider could regard the mail as spam, since it contains a password. The subject of the receipt email will contain a tag similar to this GT-GMCA-130-000055. Please do not remove this tag from the subject when answering!


The about window will show you if you are having a PRO or LIGHT license,
as well as version info and creator details.

Groups tot:

This shows how many groups your bot is member of.
Inside the brackets it shows how many of those groups your are allowed
to send notices to N: XX and how many your bot are allowed to send
IM's to IM: ZZ.

Underneath you can see which groups the bot are member of.
If your bot is using an operators group, that group will be shown
in bold text.

Right-clicking a group will give you a manu where you can leave the group,
send invites to avatars that are nearby, activate a group or deactivate
groups (the bot will have no group tag above it's name).

If your bot recently joined a group and it is not shown,
click the refresh button.


If your bot is using an operators group, the members of that
group will be shown here.
You may see members names as (???) (???) because of lag.
The bot could not resolve the name of the operator within a certain

The refresh button will re-resolv any unresolved name and update
the operator list.