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 CC bot Settings-Misc-RolePlay

Role Play *:
This feature was designed for role play, but can be used for countless other
purposes as well.

Talk tab:

Reply method:

Reply with same phrase every time:

If chosen, you can set one standard phrase with which the bot will reply.

Reply with random line:

If chosen, you can set different phrases your bot can use are replies.
Phrase will be selected reandomly.

Reply with "AI":

This will enable the bot's "chatter bot" feature, which makes use of
"Alice" AI function to come up with an answer any time the bot sees
it's name or display name be used in a sentence.

Replies depends on destination:

This feature will be available when the roaming feature is done.

Answer chat from:

Select whether the bot should only reply if chat is in local chat, in IM's
or both.

Roam tab:

Not used yet.


* Works only with a PRO license