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 CC bot Settings-Misc-Greet

Greet *:
Enable this feature to have your lot greet anyone coming within the given range.

Greet anyone within:

The range of which to greet avatars.
Can be between 0 and 20 meters.


Enter the message you want to greet avatars with.
There are 4 place holders for sim name, parcel name, first name and full
{sim} = Name of sim.
{parcel} = Name of parcel.
{name} = Avatars full name.
{first_name} = Avatars first name.

Invite to Invite Request Group:

If marked, the bot would also invite the greeted avatar to the group specified
as Invite Request Group found at the Commands tab.

Forget greeted avatar after:

If set to 0, the greeted avatar will never be greeted again,
otherwise will be greeted again after X minutes.


* Works only with a PRO license