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 CC bot Settings-Misc-Commands

Accept friendships from:

Mark wether you want your bot to accept friendships from everyone or
only from master & operators.

Accept commands from GroupChat:

This option is off by default.
When enabled, it enables master an operators to send commands to
the bot directly from the groupchat.
When disabled, commands is only possible from IM.

Object Key **:

Used to set a password used when you want to let scripted objects
communicate with your bot.

Mark the checkbox if you want to enable this function.
Enter the password you want to use and click Set.
See the FAQ article named "How do I make scripted objects
communicate with my bot?
" regarding scripted objects for more info
on how to use this feature.

Ivite Request Group:

Enabling this feature makes your bot send a group invite to anyone who
says "invite" in an IM to your bot.
Group Name: Name of group you wish your bot to invite to.
Group Title: The title you wish to give to the requesting avatar.
Must be the Group Title, NOT ROLE NAME!
Enter 0 or leave empty if you wish to invite to the Everyone role.

** Only a few commands works with LITE licenses.
     Please see the table of available Object Commands for PRO and LITE licenses.