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Welcome to GroupTools

Do you need an easy to use advertising system?
Do you need someone who can help you with inviting people to a special group?
Do you need someone who can greet your visitors?
Do you need someone to model for?
Do you need someone to try out new poses while you adjust them properly?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, GroupTools may be for you!

GroupTools will:

  • Help you send out those time consuming notices and IM's in groups!
  • Help you send invitations to your groups, or let an invitation be sent out to anyone by request
    or even helping your customers catch up on a missed invite.
  • Help you with greeting newcomers and give them an invitation to a group
  • Not need any special addons.
    Everything is built in, Inword scripted addons may be available, but optional!
  • Pose as your model while you are creating or displaying a new outfit.
  • Use pose balls when you create/adjust new positions.
  • Be able to interact as an NPC with roleplayers in RP environments.
    Grouptools can:
    • Reply with predetermined sentences.
    • Reply with random predetermined sentences.
    • Reply using AI (demo video)

Our main objective is to save you Time, Money and frustration with a program that is EASY TO USE!


GroupTools is actively developed, and as of January 23 2012, also approved by Linden Labs
as a third party viewer, and thereby put into the official Third Party Viewer Directory.

- It's easy!